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D’CK&DaBOX EP. 29: Thirsty or Complimenting?

December 16, 2018

For Today:



Hosts: Ian L. Haddock, Corell M. James and Kimberly Kne’cole.

Guests: EJay Diivo and Denita “Durrty” Forges

“ Is giving compliments to others considered thirsty?”


Do you refrain from giving others compliments from fear of being considered thirsty?

· Ej recounts instances where he has complimented other men and they assumed that he wanted more.
1. Why do people avoid giving compliments to others?
Is this action self-esteem motivated? As in, do individuals with healthy self-esteem feel more comfortable complementing others?

2. Define thirstiness, and then allow the audience to engage and interpret their meanings.

3. Is there a difference between effort and thirst? Do we often misconstrue the two?

4. What are some ways that one can express interest without being overbearing?

5. In contrast, let’s define what actions will get you ignored or blocked. Are these actions deemed as unattractive or unwarranted? Ex. Early morning calls from Facebook messenger, unsolicited nude photos being sent).

6. Let’s clearly define appropriate ways to pursue people we are interested in so the audience can understand the contrasts.

Final point: Encourage the audience to be confident in who they are. However, they also must be respectful of others and their personal space. If they are interested, they will reciprocate. If not, they won’t and you can move on.