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D’CK&DaBOX EP. 22: I think I want to date a Transwoman

October 17, 2018


Introduction of Cohosts: Ian L Haddock, Corell James and Kimberly Kne’cole 

I think I want to date a Transwoman 

Article Introduction:

Introduction of Guest: Htown Henny 

What was your first experience as a gay man? How long have you identified as gay?

What was your first inkling you were trans attracted?

What attracts you to trans people and/or that trans person?

What fear do you have in that attraction?

Do you still consider yourself gay? Explain your answer please.

In speaking of genitalia, does any of it concern you? In other words, do you like/dislike breasts? Would you prefer/not prefer penis/ vagina?

Would dating a trans person be any different than dating a gay man? How or why?

Advice or tips for journeying through your desires for different genders

Quote: In the Golden Girls, Blanche tells Sophia that she married George (her dead husband) because they loved each other and wanted to make a lifetime commitment. “That’s what Doug and Clayton want too,” says Sophia. “Everyone wants someone to grow old with and shouldn’t everyone have that chance?”

We will take this test live: What Genders are you attracted to?