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D’CK&DABOX EP. 26: #TheJillScottChallenge


Hosted By: Ian L Haddock, Corell James and Kimberly Kne’cole

Special Guests: Rhys Caraway and Trey Batchan

Story Box: To Peg or Not to Peg? [Straight man wants to be penetrated]

Dick Mail: Guy wants to have sex with his ex although in a relationship. Should he do it or not? 

Hot Topic: COGIC Convocation and Mother Frances Kelly 

Episode Topic: #TheJillScottChallenge 

Ways to suck dick better, sloppy or cute head, prostate massages and some of the hosts and special guest have admirers. Listen in! 


D’CK&DABOX EP. 25: Is Sex Worth Your Life: The Perils of Online Hookups


Hosts Ian L Haddock, Corell James and Kimberly Kne’cole 

Guest: Detrick Harper, Life Coach 


“Is Sex Worth Your Life: The Perils of Online Dating” 


Jack’d story


Is online dating safe in your opinion? 


Detrick’s recount of best friend’s murder from a chatline date. 

  • How did you find out?
  • Was the killer found? Is he in jail? 
  • What kind of person was Cornelius? Why the chatline? 

LIVE: DickMail 

LIVE: Detrick’s recount of other friend being lured by “trade”. 

  • Was the killer found? Is he in jail? 
  • Anybody else have issues with trade? 
  • What is the allure of trade? What is the draw for online dating? 


Dos and don’t of meeting people online and in public. 


Final Moment: Is sex worth your life? With Detrick Of UMatter Life Coaching 


D’CK&DABOX EP. 24: Pills, Poppers, Patron and Pot- High and Drunk Sex

D’CK&DABOX EP. 24 Pills, Poppers, Patron and Pot 

With Ian L Haddock, Corell James and Kimberly Kne’cole featuring Rhys Caraway, Deondre B Moore and Jessica Elaine


Have you ever had cotton vagina? 


What’s the point of high and drunk sex?


Story about high or drunk sex each one of us. 


Do you believe there is more risks involved when engaging in high or drunk sex? 


Is the sex better? 


Are there any underlying reasons we engage in that type of intercourse or is it just normal? 


What’s the craziest thing you’ve done sexually (or heard your friends do sexually) while high or drunk? 


Quote: Sex sells, but gay sex sells better.- Ahmed Mostafa 


D’CK&DaBOX EP. 22: I think I want to date a Transwoman


Introduction of Cohosts: Ian L Haddock, Corell James and Kimberly Kne’cole 

I think I want to date a Transwoman 

Article Introduction:

Introduction of Guest: Htown Henny 

What was your first experience as a gay man? How long have you identified as gay?

What was your first inkling you were trans attracted?

What attracts you to trans people and/or that trans person?

What fear do you have in that attraction?

Do you still consider yourself gay? Explain your answer please.

In speaking of genitalia, does any of it concern you? In other words, do you like/dislike breasts? Would you prefer/not prefer penis/ vagina?

Would dating a trans person be any different than dating a gay man? How or why?

Advice or tips for journeying through your desires for different genders

Quote: In the Golden Girls, Blanche tells Sophia that she married George (her dead husband) because they loved each other and wanted to make a lifetime commitment. “That’s what Doug and Clayton want too,” says Sophia. “Everyone wants someone to grow old with and shouldn’t everyone have that chance?”

We will take this test live: What Genders are you attracted to?


D’CK&DaBOX EP. 21: Big Dick Energy- Does Size “Corell-ate” with Self Esteem?

Live Recording October 19, 2018, 7:30 PM at 101 Crawford Street, Suite 140, Houston, TX 77002.  #SexPod



#NationalComingOutDay observance



Big Dick Energy: Does Size Correlate to Confidence? 


Article Excerpt:


Open Box: 


When did you realize you had an above average penis? How did it make you feel?


Are there moments when having a big dick is a fault? 


I have a belief that there is a definite confidence that comes with large penises; do you correlate confidence in your regular life with knowing you have a big penis? 


If ever receptive orally or anally, does size matter? Does size make the decision on how sex is had? 


Do you prefer men who are pros/power bottoms or men who have to “get used to it”?


Do you feel hypersexualized by people that find out about your endowment? 


What is the biggest misconception about penis size? 


In dating, what’s most important: intelligence, honesty, stability or ability to take it all? 


4-5 tips for people who don’t have size and/or girth on how to get “big dick energy”.




IanLHaddock and Corell_X 



D’CK&DaBOX EP. 20: Sex Dolls and Sex Workers #HoePotential

D’CK&DaBOX Episode 20:Sex Dolls and Sex Workers



Box Chatter

  • Live Show #SexPod recording 10/19/18 at 101 Crawford. Light bites and wine. Free event. RSVP on Eventbrite.
  • Khi Lavene turns up in Dallas bathroom for Pride.
  • Presidential Text Message


Open Box

  1. Live Porn
  2. Bookstore
  3. Bathhouse
  4. Fleshlight
  5. Sex Party

Close the Box 




D’CK&DaBOX EP. 19: #WhyIDidntReport My Story

On this episode:

Houston getting an In ‘n Out Burger.

Latavia and Beyoncé reunite after 18 years at #OTRII

Marriage proposal at Beyoncé concert. Right time or nah? 



Couple things to preface: Predator behavior and sexuality aren’t necessarily congruent. This is not an explanation as to why I’m gay. 

Hashtag origination from Trump’s statements about Kavanaugh regarding Ford.

Why it’s important to me on both sides? 

My #WhyIDidn’tReport story.

Encouragement to sexual assault victims.



D’CK&DaBOX EP. 18: #NoFemz

With Joshua Johnson, Rhys Caraway and Eryck Dillard

Box Chatter

  • Celebrity Fight Night
  • Nicki Minaj, Cardi B, Faith Evans and Mary J. Blogs 


Femininity in the Community 

  • Androgyny 
  • Doing drag for the first time
  • Soft Tops
  • Dating when feminine
  • Sex when feminine 

Close the Box