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D’CK&DaBOX EP. 18: #NoFemz

With Joshua Johnson, Rhys Caraway and Eryck Dillard

Box Chatter

  • Celebrity Fight Night
  • Nicki Minaj, Cardi B, Faith Evans and Mary J. Blogs 


Femininity in the Community 

  • Androgyny 
  • Doing drag for the first time
  • Soft Tops
  • Dating when feminine
  • Sex when feminine 

Close the Box 


D’CK&DaBOX EP. 17: Women Love Anal, Too

Kimberly Kne’cole, Stylist and Diva
Ashley Odili, Social Media Comedian
Ian L. Haddock & Ryan Barker: Hosts
Box Chatter:
•    Aretha Franklin Funeral
•    OTR II Fan gets on stage
•    New Segment: Broken Box of the Week
Open Box (City Girls) 
Women Love Anal, Too?
•    Can straight men/ masculine identifying women be bottoms?
•    What was your first experience with anal sex?
•    What is it about anal sex that you like?
•    How does a woman prepare for anal sex? Should women douche/ fleet for both holes?
•    Each one gives a tip about anal sex (make this fun and we can’t repeat).
•    Final thoughts?
Close Box
Where can we find you? What do you do?


D’CKANDDABOX EP. 16: Bottoming: Compromise Or Uncomfortability

On this episode we have Rico Escobar @thericoescobar back on and he is raw and unfiltered! We are talking about preference. As two people who lean closer to insertive (top) partners, how is it bottoming? Also, we give appreciation to the bottoms out there. 


We also discuss:

- Singers at Aretha Franklin’s funeral

- Cardi B’s “comeback” vs Nicki Minaj’s “meltdown”

- VMA recap 


D’CK&DaBOX EP. 15: Toxic Masculinity: Rocket Or Box It?

On this episode, we have #MastersBae #LawSchoolBae and Young Black Excellence Shea (like butta) Jordan. We chat about his pursuit of several graduate degrees and what makes him confident in his duality. The set list afte rour opening is below.

9:47 Box Chatter 

Beyonce and Ariana Grande Wake Up

Janet Jackson Made for Now 

Nicki Minaj Meltdown 

Aretha Franklin’s death 

22:05 Box Topic

Dwayne Wade, Jimmy Butler and Gabrielle Union interaction on Instagram? What is toxic masculinity? Can you be submissive and have toxic masculinity? Can you be gay and have toxic masculinity? Game called Toxic Masculinity: Rocket Or Box it? 


D’CK&DaBOX Episode 14: Suicidal Thoughts

On this episode of D'CK&DaBOX, we talk about suicidal thoughts that we have experienced and coping skills. We also discuss reasons why people reach out to drugs, other substances, and alcohol to cope. We discuss tips to deal with thoughts of suicide. We also have Box Chatter about Nicki Minaj and Safaree, Aretha Franklin and DK3 (Danity Kane) going on tour. Listen and rate us! 


D’CK&DaBOX EP. 12: Breed it Raw

Ian Haddock sits down with Allen Pryor also known as Ali from Breed It Raw, an adult film (porn) star. They talk about the work it takes to do porn, his sex tape that came out prior to being in an adult film, if the sex is enjoyable while filming and why he has raw (unprotected or condomless) sex on camera. We also talk about the community’s affinity for condomless sex. 


D’CK&DaBOX EP. 11: Church Hurt or Hurt in the Church?

This week’s guests J’ahmad Kelly and Terrell Jackson sit down and talk about Church Hurt or Hurt in the Church. After Leandria Johnson made the statement, “F**k the church!” there was an uproar. What does this mean to the world? One of the hosts, Ian L. Haddock, and his guests sit down and talk about it. They also talk about Kierra Sheard and their own experience in the church. 


D’CK&DaBOX EP. 10: EX-Change: How to CoEXist with an EX

Break ups can be difficult on each person. It’s easy to never see each other again, but our community is small. Can exes be friends or at least coexist. In this episode Ian  Haddock sits with Adonis May, his first boyfriend, to discuss coexisting in community with an ex. 


D’CK&DaBOX EP. 9: Bugchasing- Chasing HIV in the Raw

Bug chasing is truly a thing. In case you didn’t know, bug chasing is the act of wanting to sleep with those who are living with HIV sometimes with the intent of contracting the disease. We talk about that and so much more on this episode!