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D’CK&DABOX EP. 35:!The Real Gay Wives of Houston

The Real Gay Wives of Houston joins us to talk #SouljaBoy and #Drake along with #ChrisBrown rape allegations. Plus, they dish on Season 5 and personal issues behind the scenes of the show. 

D’CK&DABOX EP. 34: Is #EdBuck a Predator Hunting Black, Gay Men

Danna Harris (@doctorpettyspeaks) and Shea Smith (@shea_jordan) joins the D’CK&DABOX Hosts Ian L Haddock (@thenormalanomaly), Corell James (@corell_x) and Kimberly Kne’cole ( to talk about Ed Buck and the death of #GemmelMoore and #TimothyDean #HoleHunter. They also talk about #meth in the community and #overdosing

  • Ed Buck’s History
  • Gemmel Moore’s Death
  • Gemmel Moore’s Journal Entries
  • Jermaine Gagnon’s account
  • Jasmine Cannick’s interviews
  • Timothy Dean’s death
  • Timothy Dean’s porn star pseudonym “Hole Hunter”
  • Meth in the Community 
  • Is it a difference if you are coerced or forced to do drugs?
  • Is overdosing normal?
  • What’s the attraction to Meth? ParTying and Playing? 
  • Final Words 

D’CK&DABOX EP. 33: R. Kelly, Right or Wrong??

This episode Delvon L. Lawson @nfamouschanelofHouston “Chanel” come to give us her fashions, talk about being a Young Joc look alike and R. Kelly. 

From R. Kelly to Ed Buck to Andrea Kelly to Trade, we hit on it today! 


#rkelly #andreakelly #edbuck 

D’CK&DABOX EP. 32: Be All You Can Be in 2019

For this episode, join your Hosts Ian L. Haddock, Kimberly Kne’cole and Corell James as they have some playful banter with their Facebook Live audience around expectations for 2019. They discuss dating a hoe, building your wealth and loving your community. 

D’CK&DABOX EP. 31: I Found Out My Dad Was Gay on a Dating App

With Topher Johnson (@whoistopherj) 

We discussed:

  • Topher’s background of being adopted at birth
  • When did he figure out his dad was gay. 
  • When did his dad figure out he were gay. 
  • How they both responded.
  • Did it make them closer or drift a part. 
  • What happened when he started exploring sex.  
  • Are they religious?
  • Dows his dad know about Twitter and JustForFans? 
  • Will he have a professional porn career? 

D’CK&DABOX EP. 30: Table Topics

Shea Smith rejoins the cast of D’CK&DaBOX to bring his amazing commentary back for the end of the year. This show is spicy, fun and a ball of laughs. 

D’CK&DaBOX EP. 29: Thirsty or Complimenting?

For Today:



Hosts: Ian L. Haddock, Corell M. James and Kimberly Kne’cole.

Guests: EJay Diivo and Denita “Durrty” Forges

“ Is giving compliments to others considered thirsty?”


Do you refrain from giving others compliments from fear of being considered thirsty?

· Ej recounts instances where he has complimented other men and they assumed that he wanted more.
1. Why do people avoid giving compliments to others?
Is this action self-esteem motivated? As in, do individuals with healthy self-esteem feel more comfortable complementing others?

2. Define thirstiness, and then allow the audience to engage and interpret their meanings.

3. Is there a difference between effort and thirst? Do we often misconstrue the two?

4. What are some ways that one can express interest without being overbearing?

5. In contrast, let’s define what actions will get you ignored or blocked. Are these actions deemed as unattractive or unwarranted? Ex. Early morning calls from Facebook messenger, unsolicited nude photos being sent).

6. Let’s clearly define appropriate ways to pursue people we are interested in so the audience can understand the contrasts.

Final point: Encourage the audience to be confident in who they are. However, they also must be respectful of others and their personal space. If they are interested, they will reciprocate. If not, they won’t and you can move on.

D’CK&DABOX EP. 28: I BEEN Packin’ This Pussy Around

Dickmail: I’ve been a top my whole relationship and would like to bottom.

Storybox: Know how to approach someone via social media. 

I BEEN Packin’ This Pussy Around! 

Topics Include:

“Femmes can’t give head”!!!
Dating past 30+
Being a freak in a world full of prudes!

D’CK&DABOX EP. 26: #TheJillScottChallenge


Hosted By: Ian L Haddock, Corell James and Kimberly Kne’cole

Special Guests: Rhys Caraway and Trey Batchan

Story Box: To Peg or Not to Peg? [Straight man wants to be penetrated]

Dick Mail: Guy wants to have sex with his ex although in a relationship. Should he do it or not? 

Hot Topic: COGIC Convocation and Mother Frances Kelly 

Episode Topic: #TheJillScottChallenge 

Ways to suck dick better, sloppy or cute head, prostate massages and some of the hosts and special guest have admirers. Listen in!